Inspiring keynote presentations

Timing: 1/2 - 1 day.

Antwerp Management School is at the forefront of knowledge creation. Our faculty members are experts in their academic field but they also know how to share their knowledge with large business audiences. They act as authors, consultants, influencers as well as keynote speakers.

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Wayne visser speaking

A few of our inspirational topics:

  • Sustainable careers
  • Sustainable HRM
  • Innovative organizational design
  • Organization networks design
  • Self-management and shared leadership
  • Create an open feedback environment
  • Developing high-performance organizations through neuroscience and technology
  • Design thinking
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Corporate innovation
  • Digital leadership
  • Digital strategy and governance
  • Sustainable transformation: how to apply systems thinking
  • Creating integrated value: innovation for future-fitness
  • Purpose-inspired leadership: making a difference

Meet some of our keynote speakers

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Colette pauwels

Want to know more about inspiring keynotes?

Colette Pauwels

Phone: +32 3 265 4804


Want to know more about inspiring keynotes?